About The Bitsoft360

Bitsoft360 was founded in 2018 to take the complexity out of crypto trading and investing. The team at Bitsoft360 has developed an intuitive, simple, and reliable platform that offers comparison charts and tables and provides world-class security.

The platform's team has developed Bitsoft360 because it was frustrated with a lack of high-quality and reliable tools and platforms to find trading ideas, execute trading strategies, create alerts, and monitor portfolio performance across multiple exchanges. The platform's team decided to fill that void because they imagine a future in which the growing digital economy is accessible to everyone, both new and seasoned traders.

With the help of a robust tech stack and algorithms, the team at Bitsoft360 helps you benefit from several trends and patterns.

Bitsoft360 will continue to display and present reliable data on cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin, to the wider public independently. Currently, the platform provides a wide variety of charts and trading tools for various currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Stellar.

Values and Vision

Everything the platform's team does, from its continuous investment in R&D to the constant expansion of its product offering to its clients, is a testament and demonstration of how dynamic Bitsoft360 really is. The platform always aims to serve the best interests of its clients and continue offering the best in class crypto and digital asset trading experience for everyone in the industry.


The team at Bitsoft360 always follows a client-oriented approach and places its clients' best interests at the center of all its operations. The team has the goal to make Bitsoft360 the best online trading and tracking platform in the cryptocurrency industry and to retain its reputation and track record as a reliable partner.