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What is Bitsoft360 ?

Bitsoft360 is a crypto and Bitcoin trading platform that provides the latest news, analysis, and updates on everything crypto. The trading and charting platform monitors the current value of various digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Litecoin, and tokens.

Since 2018, Bitsoft360 has been a go-to source for the fast-moving, dynamic, and nascent digital asset space. With the main focus on Bitcoin and other crypto assets, the goal of the platform's team is to offer a holistic and comprehensive overview of the cryptocurrency asset market. This will help you make better decisions and stay one step ahead.

Bitsoft360 provides historical data as well, allowing you to compare current asset prices against older values. You can even contrast the performance of multiple cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, against one another and draw your own conclusions.

Benefit from an intuitive and simple Bitcoin and crypto trading platform that offers simple and secure trading, insights, reward accounts, access for anyone from anywhere, and low fees.

A Comprehensive and Contextualized Source for Bitcoin and Crypto Insights and Data

Bitsoft360 allows you to watch the heatmap of various cryptocurrency prices, market capitalizations, and volumes. Bitsoft360 provides a robust and intuitive trading system for both amateur traders and professionals that demand reliable market data and performance. Follow the live price charts on Bitsoft360 and start trading your favorite crypto and altcoins.

Bitsoft360 makes it simple for Bitcoin and crypto traders and investors to speed up the dull and tedious tasks involved in crypto and Bitcoin transactions. You will work with a partnered broker, who will execute your investment decisions on your behalf. Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies are prone to huge price fluctuations. You can take advantage of this volatility by securely trading cryptocurrencies by working with a broker.

However, the broker will only execute your decisions after consulting with you about your investment goals and objectives and other factors, such as your liquidity and risk tolerance - any action the broker takes requires your approval.

The platform has always followed a client-oriented approach and placed its clients' interests and needs at the center of its operations. You may share your preferences and restrictions with your partnered broker. The broker will notify you about crypto trading opportunities that meet your goals and match your preferences.

Manage Your Bitcoin and Crypto Portfolio from One Place

Comparing cryptocurrency and Bitcoin prices with the help of charts and tables is one of the simplest ways to make a short- or mid-term forecast, define a relation between various digital currencies, and find the market trend.

The team at Bitsoft360 has built a comprehensive and intuitive trading and charting platform that enables digital currency and coin screening and analysis using conventional technical analysis and alternative on-chain data and trade execution across crypto exchanges.

The combination of trading idea discovery and trade execution is really unique in the cryptocurrency trading space. The platform displays all real-time prices of crypto and altcoins in dollars. You can also switch to showing prices in ETH or BTC. You can easily check out the price of any crypto asset on its dedicated page or in the comparison charts.

Dream Bigger, Make Prudent Decisions, and Act Faster!

You can become a part of something bigger by starting your crypto journey with Bitsoft360 ! As the most-referenced and secure price-tracking and data analysis platform for Bitcoin and other crypto assets, such as Litecoin, in the rapidly growing crypto space, Bitsoft360 intends to make cryptocurrency discoverable and efficient internationally by empowering investors and retail users with high quality, and unbiased information so they can draw their own informed financial conclusions.

Benefits of Trading Crypto and Bitcoin with Bitsoft360

Trading and investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin and Ripple, often carry a substantial degree of risk. You may have observed this, given the volatility of Bitcoin and many other digital currencies and assets.

However, despite the disadvantages or risks currently associated with cryptocurrencies versus fiat currencies, such as lower liquidity, the benefits of holding cryptocurrencies will certainly increase as they gradually become a more prevalent form of payment. Here's a look at some benefits of trading crypto with a reliable and safe trading platform.


Technological advances and improvements typically lead to increased intrusion into your private life. On the other hand, all identities and financial transactions are strictly secured and transparent in the digital currency environment, especially when you use a dependable and robust platform.

Low Transaction Fees

Due to the elimination of intermediaries, such as financial institutions and banks, crypto transaction fees are usually quite low. Bitsoft360 charges no hidden fee. 

Approval of the First Spot Bitcoin ETF is Imminent

Many crypto investors and traders predict that the maiden spot Bitcoin ETF in the US could be approved this year. This is important as it will give investors direct exposure and unfettered access to the crypto. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allowed the launch of ProShares' Bitcoin Strategy ETF in 2021, but that only tracks Bitcoin futures contracts.

However, as the market is now sufficiently mature and large to support it, researchers and analysts believe that a Bitcoin ETF will soon be approved.

The platform is ideal for people and investors demanding reliable market data and performance to meet their goals.

How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Like other investments, cryptocurrency investments and trading can be risky. This is especially true if you trade cryptos without knowing all its basics. This is why there are many things that you need to know and understand, including how to choose a reliable and secure cryptocurrency exchange.

There are many different factors and variables to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange. This is because selecting the wrong cryptocurrency exchange may lead to a path riddled with issues, distractions, and even wasted effort. Here are some important tips and recommendations that will help you choose a suitable crypto exchange.

Accessibility and Availability

Based on regulations and rules, can you use the crypto exchange while you are in your country and state? Note that not all countries or states allow access to every cryptocurrency exchange. This is why make sure that whichever exchange platform you choose is easily available where you live.

However, if an exchange is unavailable in your country or state now, you should keep an eye out. This is because companies are continuously expanding. On the other hand, if you decide to use an international crypto exchange, you must be aware of regulatory and legal changes that may make it illegal to use the exchange in your country.

While platforms should ideally keep you updated, swift changes and unreliable customer service aren't uncommon. This is why it is better to look out for yours.

Accessibility and Availability


It is worth noting that different crypto exchanges provide you with different security measures as well as insurance policies. Firstly, as in most other services, such as banking services, which involve financial transactions, privacy and security are necessary.

You should know that most cryptocurrency exchange platforms now have KYC procedures, and users need to verify their identity before they are able to execute any transaction.

And thorough research will certainly help you choose a legitimate and secure exchange platform. Remember that there are many unreliable and insecure exchanges that not just expose investors and traders to fraud but also scam the little investments left by hackers and scammers. This is why before settling on an exchange, you should determine if it can protect you against the risk of fraud.

In contrast, there are many platforms where you can stay fully anonymous while buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, one of your main concerns should be the overall security and reliability of the exchange provider.


Fees and Commissions

It is essential to know what it will cost you to purchase and sell cryptocurrency on the exchange platform you choose. Did you know that deposit and withdrawal options are where almost all exchange platforms differ? This means that every platform has its own agreements with payment providers. So, commission rates and fees vary according to both the exchange as well as the payment method you select within the platform.

Fees and Commissions

What can be Evaluated and Deduced from Comparing Cryptocurrencies

You should know that the crypto market is chaotic and volatile and only partially follows stock market trends and rules. If you would like to learn how tokens and coins affect each other, you can use a crypto price comparison chart. This is where Bitsoft360 comes in handy.

The charts and tables offered by Bitsoft360 allow you to compare several cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Investors and traders can explore similarities as well as differences in how coins and tokens evolve without any expensive analytical tools.

So, you can find out if a specific cryptocurrency, such as Cardano, was growing strong during a selected period of time or if such an increase in value was because of the overall market growth.

However, it only makes sense to perform any comparison and analysis integrally rather than based solely on tables and charts. Note that in practice, a token's or coin's price may decline not just because it lost its value but also because of other factors. Compare prices and quotes, and explore other digital currency information with Bitsoft360 !

Why Choose Bitsoft360 ?

Trade on Bitsoft360 and get the latest insights on price movement and trends.

Customizable Crypto Watchlist

You can easily create your customized cryptocurrency watchlist using multiple financial indicators and charts and choose their display order in your table.

Military-Grade Encryption

Bitsoft360 values its users' privacy and confidentiality, so it uses the most advanced and robust military-grade encryption in order to store and maintain data securely.

Alerting Service

You can choose from a set of conventional and unique alerts, such as email and browser push notifications.

Performance Reports

Benefit from professional, customizable reports which include different financial indicators and variables.


What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, usually abbreviated to "crypto," is any decentralized and digital currency that is based on cryptography.

What do I need in order to get started?

If you are over the age of 21, you can open an account with Bitsoft360 . Get started with an email address, mobile number, and a valid form of ID in order to verify your account.

What is a public blockchain?

A public, also known as permissionless, blockchain network is a network where anybody can participate without any restrictions. It is worth noting that most kinds of cryptocurrencies operate on a public blockchain.

What countries does Bitsoft360 currently support?

You will be happy to know that customers from all around the world can use this platform. You can view your investment portfolio and market prices in more than 30 currencies.

Does Bitsoft360 sell my personal data?

No, the trading platform will never sell your personal and confidential data, such as credit card information or email address, to third parties.

What is a shared ledger?

We can define a shared ledger as an "append-only" distributed system of records shared across a secure business network. Note that with a shared ledger, all transactions are recorded just once.